Goods supplied are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

In making a purchase you are accepting these terms and if you do not keep to them we reserve the right to close your account.

Acceptance of Order

1) Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to alter the purchase price of any item without notice, but in the event of this happening, applicants will be given the choice of either cancelling their order or paying the increased price.

2) Pobjoy Mint does not guarantee to supply items as ordered but will endeavour to do so.

3) Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to reject any application at its discretion and may introduce a method of selecting applicants for any items for which applications have been received.

4) The terminology of this application is subject to English Law.

5) Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to withdraw any or all items advertised, and in this event, all monies tendered will be returned.

6) Acceptance of an order by Pobjoy Mint Stamps is subject to the following condition of sale:

- the wholesaler agrees that under no circumstances will stock of a new issue be made available for sale or pre-ordered before the official issue date. Failure to comply may result in accounts being withdrawn.


1) All orders are subject to availability.

Prices and Terms

1) All prices shown are in Pounds Sterling and are exclusive of VAT where applicable. For dollar value stamps prices will be calculated in Sterling at the exchange rate on the day the order is processed.

2) Standard payment terms are 30 days nett however Pobjoy Mint reserve the right to change this at our discretion for individual customers or the whole client base.


1) Pobjoy Mint endeavour to despatch all goods within 7 working days of acceptance of your order, or by the issue date, whichever is the latter. During the Covid 19 Pandemic dispatch of good may take longer.

2) If a courier is unable to deliver an item to the required address, and this results in the goods being returned to the local Post/Despatch Office, it is the customer’s responsibility to collect the items themselves.

3) It is the customers responsibility to check quantity and quality of all items on receipt, and to notify Pobjoy of and issues within 15 days. Claims for damaged or missing items will not be considered after this period.

4) Pobjoy Mint reserves the right to change the packaging material used.

Returns and Refunds

1) Returns of faulty goods should be initiated either by email on jwarner@pobjoy.com or by telephone on +44 (0) 1737 818101.

2) We will only accept the return of faulty items and these must be received within 15 days of the notification.

3) All items must be complete.

4) Photographic evidence of damaged items may be requested and accepted in some cases.

5) For all accepted returns, reasonable postage will also be refunded.

6) Adjustments will only be made for problems raised within the timescale stated above.

The Customer shall not unreasonably nor unlawfully bring the reputation of Pobjoy Mint into disrepute, for example by publishing unfounded negative comments regarding the Mint or its sales items, via social or other media. They should not divulge any business sensitive information that they have discovered and one would reasonably anticipate could act unfairly to the detriment of Pobjoy Mint.


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